A message from Marc - Welcome to
Are we saying that the world is a fossil? No. You
aren't, you brother isn't, nothing living is...
more) is a not-for-profit website set up as a
companion to the book
The Skull in the Rock.  Its
purpose is to encourage young explorers to reach
their full potential, explore new horizons and take
part in the exciting world of discovery and
exploration. With award winning children’s author
Marc Aronson and National Geographic Explorer
and Paleoanthropologist
Professor Lee Berger,
the site examines a wide range of fossil and
exploration related topics, including
paleontology, archaeology and geology.  
Yourfossilworld also offers educators a portal into
the world of science and exploration through
blogs, links and educational information,
presented in an accessible and understandable
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Here's where the hottest topics
in fossils are discussed. Theres
also interesting information on
latest news about fossil finds
and new discoveries.

Marc takes a closer look
at the new science
around sediba.

Breaking News! New
Studies of sediba show
mosaic body.  Six papers
Science read More

We name a new species
of fossil Fox from
Malapa.  Read more

New: We do Live
Science showing original
fossils in South Africa
while still in the USA

the Diet of Sediba
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