Welcome to Scimania. Are we saying that the world is a fossil? No.
You aren't, you brother isn't, nothing living is...yet. As many of you
know, a fossil is what the remains of some once living things
become, when they sit in just the right conditions for long enough
so that minerals replace the original bones, or leafs, or even
footprints. The key word in our name is "your." This is an ever
growing website in which scientists who find, study, and understand
fossils, starting with Dr. Lee Berger, share their discoveries with
you. And it is also a place where you can share what you find, or
the questions you have (so long as they are not homework
assignments). The adventure of finding clues to the past begins
right now, as you look around you. We are here to provide help
along the way, and to report from the front as Dr. Berger and
others break new ground.
A Message from Marc